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Towing & Recovery

Dysart Motors provides a wide range of rescue and recovery services for bikes, cars and vans; in simple words any vehicle weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

Our team consisting of fully qualified operators who can recover vehicles in any situation. If required we can bring your vehicle to the garage of your choice or your home.

We carry out work for the following insurance companies: AXA, RSA, Mondial, 123, FBD, RAC, AA, Ireland Assist, Europe Assist, Intana, Hibernian AST &Toyota AST. We also do work for main dealers, private garages and NRA Motorway.

Roadside Assistance

Dysart Motors provides full roadside assistance, 24 hours a day for all vehicle makes and models.

Our qualified and experienced roadside team can assist you in overcoming your problem. The roadside team will strive to reach you within the estimated time of arrival given by the operative, as well as fix your vehicle to the best of their ability.

We provide jumpstarts for flat batteries, home call-outs, lock outs and wheel changing services. We use only anti-surge booster packs for jumping starting.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Breaks Down?

  • Look out for marked parking areas.
  • Move your vehicle to the hard shoulder. Park as near to the left as you can. If you cannot do this, take steps to warn other drivers such as switching on your hazard warning lights.
  • Never try to do repairs yourself on the hard shoulder.
  • Wear a high visibility vest. Always carry at least two in the vehicle.
  • Do not walk on the motorway. Leave your vehicle through the left-hand door and make sure your passengers do the same. Leave animals in the vehicle or, in an emergency, keep them under control on the verge.
  • Make sure that passengers keep away from the motorway lanes and hard shoulder, and keep children under control.
  • Wait for help on the embankment side of the motorway well behind the crash barrier.
  • If for some reason you are unable to follow the above advice, you should stay in your vehicle with your safety belt securely fastened and switch on your hazard lights.
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